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Jennifer Baxavanis provides sales consultation and sales training that focuses on increasing its clients’ profit in business-business and business-consumer sales. Jennifer is the US-educated and has worked many years in sales and helping sales persons around the world walk into a commercial meeting and walk out with a contract. She is founder and managing partner of Sales Connector, which is currently based in the USA and has helped sales persons win contracts with a 5-step formula personalized for sales meetings. Jennifer works directly with Sales Managers and Commercial Directors, as a sales consultant,  to implement solid market development solutions, such as: diagnosing challenging areas of the sales process, designing solutions to increase closing ratio, and the designing and delivering of workshops for the implementation of go-to-market sales tools and processes. She has worked with (amongst others): National Telephone company of the United Arab Emirates, Etisalat, and Securitas (United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia). For more information, please see: http://es.linkedin.com/in/jenniferbaxavanis/.